BRESSER BR-2320 Daylight Set 1800W

Practical and quick to assemble Daylight Set for soft light with Ocatboxes - completly stowed in the size of a sports bag

  • Energy-saving continuous light set with 8 x 45 Watt JDD spiral lamps
  • Lamp tripods up to 240 cm and Octaboxes with Ø 95 cm
  • 2 x JDD lamp holders for 4 lamps each with tilting head
  • Dimensions: 920 x 270 x 235 cm/ Weight of the whole set: 9800g
  • Included: 2x tripods, 2x lamp holders, 8x JDD 45W lamps, 2x octabox, 1x transport bag
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Product number: F002033
EAN: 4007922036670
Shipping Weight: 9.8 kg
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