Lights Off for Earth Hour on 23rd March 2024!

Mark your calendars: on Saturday, 23rd March 2024, Earth Hour is back for its 18th year. This global initiative invites people around the world to turn off their lights from 8:30 to 9:30 pm (MEZ). The goal is to raise awareness for climate and environmental protection. This year, the emphasis is on creating a climate-resilient society and advocating for strong climate action, as well as supporting democracy. With changes becoming more evident in both the environmental and political climates, getting involved is more crucial than ever.

WWF Hour Bank: A Range of Activities for the Environment and Democracy

The WWF Hour Bank is part of Earth Hour 2024, encouraging people to actively contribute to environmental protection. Participants can "donate" an hour or more of their time to the Earth, engaging in climate-friendly activities. These "Earth Hours" are tallied in a database. Last year, a collective 410,000 hours were contributed by individuals from 190 countries.

For this year's event, WWF Germany offers 5 activities to support climate protection and democracy:

1. Sign Up on the Earth Hour Map
If you're turning off your lights during Earth Hour from 8:30 to 9:30 pm (MEZ), you can register on the Earth Hour Map.

2. An Hour for a Cleaner Neighbourhood!
Organize a neighbourhood cleanup and make a positive environmental impact.

3. An Hour of Togetherness and Conversation!
Engaging in exchange and friendly discussions is vital for democracy – and it's even more enjoyable over a lovely meal.

4. An Hour of Interactive Learning!
Informed understanding is key for effective climate action. The WWF offers a variety of free courses on environmental topics.

5. Sustainable Washing - Every Degree Matters!
Opting for lower temperature wash cycles can significantly reduce CO2 emissions: using 30° instead of 60° can save up to 60%.

Our Contribution to Earth Hour

As producer of optics that bring nature's wonders closer, we hold environmental and climate protection dear. That's why most of our outdoor lighting at BRESSER's main site in Rhede is turned off all year round. We still want to join in Earth Hour, so the remaining lights at our building will switch off at 8:30 pm. We're excited to continue appreciating the myriad beauties of our Earth!
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