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All the bell and whistles – 3D printer accessories

Construct, reproduce, experiment – 3D printing offers almost unlimited possibilities for fans of creative design. This can now be done in your own four walls thanks to the arrival of high-quality 3D printers at affordable prices. Filaments, extruder nozzles, build platforms – the right accessories and spare parts should always be close at hand to ensure consistently reliable results for your home-made gadgets, individual gifts and clever designs.

3D printer accessories for melting – PLA filaments

In FFF printing (Fused Filament Fabrication) – by far the most widespread 3D printing process among household users – PLA offers unbeatable performance as a filament. And for a good reason: No other 3D printing material is as user friendly. Here is an overview of the key benefits that make PLA so popular among 3D printing fans:

  • The material is easy to use and therefore perfect for beginners.
  • PLA does not warp as quickly when printing.
  • The material does not necessarily need a heated print bed to produce a good result.
  • Environmentally friendly – PLA is biodegradable.
  • No unpleasant odours or toxic fumes are produced when printing.
  • It can be processed by most 3D printers.

Red and white for Christmas decorations, green for St. Patrick's Day or black for home-made chess pieces – the BRESSER 3D printer accessories include PLA filaments in a wide range of colours. Or maybe you prefer something a bit more extravagant? Then take a look at the chic BRESSER silk PLA filaments, which will give your 3D printed parts a luxurious, silky sheen. These are also available in different colours. We apply high quality standards to all BRESSER filaments. Even the smallest impurities are removed during production. After all, with 3D printing, every millimetre counts. No matter how original, beautiful or practical your design may be, the print will only be successful if the 3D printing filament is of high quality.

Maintenance and spare parts for frequent printers

Good maintenance is especially important if you use your 3D printer frequently. The axes should be re-lubricated after approximately 150 hours of printing. The extruder nozzle may also become clogged from time to time. You can usually remove the blockage by cleaning the nozzle. To clean the extruder, follow the steps below:

    1. Use the “Preheat” function to heat the extruder to approximately 230 °C.
    2. Clean the extruder by pushing the remaining filament out of the extruder from top to bottom.

This is usually sufficient. However, a more thorough cleaning may also be required. If so, proceed as follows:

    1. Take the filament out of the 3D printer as usual.
    2. Take the filament tube out of the holder and remove the extruder nozzle.
    3. Use a flashlight to examine the nozzle, tube and extruder for small amounts of filament residue.
    4. Remove any filament residues with a piece of wire or a metal rod.

However, even with the best possible care, the extruder nozzle will usually become worn out after 400 to 500 hours of printing. It will then need to be replaced with a new nozzle. Replacement nozzles for all BRESSER models can be found in the 3D printer accessories. The same applies to the build platform. This also has a limited lifespan, and will need to be replaced after a certain number of hours. In order to postpone the replacement for as long as possible, and because the build platform is the basis for your 3D prints, thorough cleaning is particularly important. This is because the lower layers must be positioned exactly to ensure that the 3D printed object is straight. Filament residues from the previous printing process or other impurities can cause your 3D print to become skewed. In addition, a fine oil film that can form from the filament can often impair adhesion. The build platform can be easily cleaned with a small amount of isopropanol. And so that the air is always clean in addition to the print bed, we also offer suitable replacement filters for our 3D printers that feature an integrated air filter.

With the BRESSER 3D printer accessories, you will have your 3D printing workshop up and running again in no time!

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