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BRESSER Astro & Marine SF 7x50 WP binoculars
239,00 € 133,00 € * Shipping Weight 2.1 kg
BRESSER Astro & Marine SF 10x50 WP binoculars
239,00 € 137,00 € * Shipping Weight 2.2 kg
34,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.5 kg
4.339,00 € * Shipping Weight 5.86 kg
1.299,00 € * Shipping Weight 5.84 kg
1.809,00 € * Shipping Weight 5 kg


Also the astronomy enthusiasts will find the optimal binoculars at Bresser. The combination of high magnification and a large objective lens diameter achieves high image resolution and brightness. Ultra-modern surface coatings on all lenses and prisms enable maximum light transmission for observing also deep sky objects.

With a photo tripod as a stable stand nothing is in the way of a carefree and comfortable observation!

Here you will definitely find the right astronomy binocular for you.

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