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Bresser GmbH
Gutenbergstr. 2
DE – 46414 Rhede

Managing Director: Helmut Ebbert
Year founded: 1957
Employees: over 100 at the Rhede site

Represented worldwide with
sales companies in
the Netherlands, France,
England, Spain and the USA

Brand diversity from BRESSER
For young and old,
beginners and professionals

Curious people have been using BRESSER GmbH products since 1957 to embark on adventures and to discover new things. We equip everyone, from beginners to professionals, for their own journey of discovery in the fields of optics, the outdoors, photo studio and smart learning, and we do that worldwide. We always think long-term – we are extremely proud of our positive business relationships, satisfied customers and motivated employees. Our link with the JOC Group is the result of decades of successful collaboration. Short decision-making paths give us the space to respond to every challenge quickly and flexibly. Our modern, future-focussed orientation is highlighted by close meshing of research and development, production, sales, marketing and logistics.

Rhede headquarters

Our products travel the world from our headquarters in the tranquil town of Rhede in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia. Visitors to our headquarters can explore theme-based showrooms and get to know our complete range of products. Our large on-site warehouse helps to ensure constant supply capability. In order to that we can give our customers the best possible quality at all times, we have constructed comprehensive test facilities in Rhede. In our dust-free optical laboratory, we evaluate our optics to ensure performance capability and colour purity.
In addition, we are always keen to encourage others to quench their thirst for knowledge. As such, BRESSER runs a range of promotions for young and old explorers alike as part of a series of internal and external events.

BRESSER worldwide

As a stable company, BRESSER enjoys constant growth. We have been fortunate to attract talent from all corners of the globe. The sales organisations in the Netherlands, France, the UK, Spain and the USA have made a significant contribution to the success of the company. The vast majority of BRESSER products are now available globally.

BRESSER quality

Decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology combine to ensure that we always give our customers the very best quality. In fact, we are so confident of the quality of our products that all BRESSER brand products come with a five year warranty at a minimum. Our customer service is there to give customers the support that they need. In the unlikely event that something should go wrong, we will always find a reasonable solution. We receive lots of positive feedback from customers to reinforce our approach.

BRESSER brand variety

Young and old, beginners and professionals – we want to give everyone the opportunity to expand their own horizon. To support this, we have positioned ourselves more broadly than most other companies, which is backed up by a clear brand concept.

The BRESSER brand is recognised worldwide for its quality, reliability and an excellent price/performance ratio and unites products from different fields into a single, comprehensive range. BRESSER serves virtually all forms of trade – from specialists in astronomy, optics, photography and hunting to major retail chains, toy shops and selected web stores.

Reach for the stars Hobby astronomers can enjoy a wide selection of telescopes and high-quality accessories from the BRESSER brand. Our computer-controlled models are great way for beginners to get started with stargazing. With a handheld controller, users can locate the celestial object they are looking for with nothing more than the press of a button. It couldn’t be easier! Stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae and star clusters that cannot be seen with the naked eye can be viewed with special wide-angle eyepieces. See things in detail

BRESSER has always offered a range of exclusive microscopes, but never with the variety that exists today. But it’s not just our products that are impressive – our specialists also stand out with their flexibility and ability to satisfy virtually any customer requirement. They are always happy to provide professional, tailored advice to customers, whether in the education sector, medicine, science or industry. Discover the joy of nature

At BRESSER, occasional observers and professionals will find a wide range of binoculars and spotting scopes to suit their needs in all price and performance categories. Positive reviews from the international expert portal Best Binocular and Binocular Reviews (BBR) of our lenses in the Pirsch ED series, amongst others, are an affirmation of our high quality standards.

Follow new paths With an exciting range of products, BRESSER has made a name for itself beyond the field of optics. Wireless and remote-fed weather stations have been a cornerstone of the range for several years, plus the varied range of photo studio products remains popular. BRESSER also supplies a number of different wildlife cameras, which are equipped with motion sensors so that users can keep a watchful eye on what is happening both day and night. Innovative technology also has a place at BRESSER, including 3D printers.

BRESSER Junior is designed to appeal to the young nature lovers and scientists of tomorrow. With products designed for the smallest of hands, youngsters now have the opportunity to discover the world around them. With telescopes, they can reach for the stars, while microscopes allow them to explore the everyday with fresh eyes and binoculars turn them into enthusiastic nature watchers. In addition, smart learning products inject even more fun into learning.

Shortly after its introduction in 2009, the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC brand gained a first-class reputation on the global astronomy scene. The newly developed wide-angle eyepieces even managed to revolutionise the market. To this day, stargazers can choose from high-quality telescopes as well as a wide range of accessories – from eyepieces in every price category, colour and fog filters and much more. And since weather and time play a major role in astronomy, weather stations and watches seem like the ideal way to complement the range.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC helps millions worldwide to combine travel, adventure and a better understanding of nature. Since 2012, schoolchildren and adults alike have embarked on voyages of discovery with optical and outdoor products from the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC licensed brand. From computer-controlled telescopes to microscopes for beginners and action cams, the product range offers everything the curious need to chart new territory. Thanks to its recognisability, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC is a real growth driver for the company’s international presence. The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine is published in multiple languages and is read by millions worldwide every month. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TV is available to several hundred million households in more than 170 countries.

There are no compromises when it comes to PULSAR’s night vision cameras and thermal imaging devices. The world’s leading manufacturer gives experienced hunters, travellers, rescue workers, athletes and others all of the equipment they need to succeed. Customers can look forward to constant innovation from PULSAR’s development department. In fact, with its pioneering products, PULSAR is helping to shape progress in thermal imaging technology like no other. The manufacturer will stay by your side even after you have purchased, ensuring that your device remains up to date with regular software updates more comprehensive than anywhere else in the industry.

Japanese company Vixen has been a top brand in the field of astronomy for decades. Its range is primarily aimed at advanced and professional astronomers. First-class optics and mounts, mostly ‘made in Japan’, help to make exploring the night sky even more enjoyable.

At LUNT Solar Systems, it’s all about the sun. The American manufacturer is a market leader in outstanding instruments for solar observation. Its H-Alpha telescope and white light systems enable fascinating views of our nearest star.

The high-end microscope from Nexcope is used primarily in laboratories and research facilities. From culture observation to microbiological quality control and diagnostics – there is a model for every use. All devices meet the highest standards of quality for professional users. 

The remarkable work of NASA has long been known not only to amateur astronomers, but also to the general public. We have all seen the legendary images of Neil Armstrong becoming the first man to set foot on the moon. For decades, the US space agency’s research and breathtaking images have given us a glimpse of the vastness of space. They inspire us to explore the universe for ourselves. Our Space Exploration telescopes are meant to help young space enthusiasts get started in astronomy. Designed in the unmistakable NASA style, the optics, with their extensive accessories, provide fascinating views of planets, star clusters, and much more. The range is complemented by exciting astro-related items such as planetariums, which bring the starry sky to your very own bedroom ceiling.

Since its debut in 1971, the German “Die Sendung mit der Maus” (Mouse TV) has shaped generations of children. The “Lach- und Sachgeschichten” (Laughing and Learning Stories) have captivated both young and old with their impeccable blend of educational content and entertaining animations, and they continue to do so to this day. Particularly, “Maus” (Mouse), “Elefant” (Elephant), and “Ente” (Duck) have secured a special place in viewers’ hearts. Our high-quality products of the Die Maus brand invite children to explore the world alongside these distinctive characters. Thus, young explorers are perfectly equipped for exciting adventures in nature with tents, cameras, walkie-talkies, and more. The telescopes show them fascinating sights in the night sky. And the binoculars and microscopes make little ones' eyes grow wide as the invisible suddenly becomes visible.

Freek Vonk travels the globe with great passion, expertise, and a dash of daring to enchant children with the marvels of wildlife. The charismatic Dutch biologist embarks on thrilling TV adventures, such as swimming with sharks or helping to treat a cheetah. Our premium Freek Vonk brand products enable budding scientists to follow in his footsteps. Thus, they delve into a microscopic universe with beginner-friendly microscopes, while kids' binoculars and spotting scopes reveal distant, elusive animals. Additionally, our wildlife cameras, tents, and other outdoor gear – along with adventure puzzles and soft toys – offer the ideal toolkit for exploring nature in a playful way.

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