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Bring your own creativity to 3D printing

3D printing is no longer a prohibitively expensive technology just for companies and experts – today, 3D printers are becoming increasingly popular in private households. Hardly surprising, as the versatile device is capable of making all sorts of objects – practical tools, funny gadgets, creative gifts, and much more.
With the right 3D printer, CAD software and a little practice, you can let your imagination run wild.

3D printing – how does it work?

A number of 3D printing processes have been developed, which can be used to realize original ideas. The same principle applies to all processes – the 3D model is created layer by layer using an additive process. In addition to stereolithography (SLA), which uses liquid resin or plastic, fused filament fabrication (FFF) is especially popular and widespread. The printing material, known as the filament, is heated in the print head, melted and then stacked on the print bed by one or more nozzles to create the shape of the model. The layers stick to each other and harden to create the finished 3D print. Depending on the desired material properties, different filaments are available: for example, you can choose between biodegradable PLA, robust ABS or flexible TPU.

However, make sure that you check the compatibility with your 3D printer when choosing the filament! For example, ABS requires a heated print bed, which not all 3D printers have. PLA filament, on the other hand, is very popular and easy to use, and delivers great results in any BRESSER 3D printer.

Get creative and design your own work of art – 3D printing for professionals

Are you already proficient with CAD software? Are you full of exciting ideas that are just waiting to be implemented? If this sounds like you, an advanced BRESSER 3D printer model is guaranteed to be the right tool for your needs. No matter whether you make self-invented gadgets, individual gifts for your loved ones or the coat of arms of your favourite club – the print results are always impressive. The 3D printers are capable of large print volumes and have practical functions such as data transmission via Wi-Fi, auto-levelling, and automatic printing resumption in the event of a loss of power. The slicer software features an expert mode, which can be used to configure a wide range of individual settings.
The 3D printers also come with a dual extruder for double the 3D printing fun. This allows you to print with two materials – e.g. for delicate objects with support structures made of substrate. It also makes two-tone 3D printing easier and faster, as there is no need to exchange the filament during a colour change.

Everything you need for high-quality 3D printing – accessories

Of course, if you want good results with 3D printing, quality equipment is paramount. In addition to the 3D printer itself, this also applies to accessories. Above all, the printing material – the filament in the case of BRESSER FFF 3D printers – must be good quality. That’s why we implement high quality standards during the manufacturing process and remove even the smallest impurities to ensure that you can achieve consistently good 3D printing results. We also offer filaments in a wide range of great colours to make your 3D printing world more colourful!
However, despite the high quality standards for BRESSER 3D printers, some parts are naturally susceptible to wear. This is especially the case for the extruder nozzle and the build platform, which need to be replaced after many 3D printing processes. These can be found in the BRESSER 3D printer accessories so that you can get your 3D creative workshop up and running again in no time!

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