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About the Bresser family

What’s in store?
The Bresser family - meet Luke (with his pet ant, Tom), Luna and Flora! The Bressers are very eager to learn and can’t wait to show you their world!
They have lots in store for you: exciting facts and experiments, stunning colouring pictures, fun games and much more! The Bressers have prepared some simple instructions and useful tips and tricks, so that you can learn how our products can help you on your journey of discovery.
So, what are you waiting for?


Interesting facts

The world is full of fascinating creatures, objects and phenomena. Can’t wait to learn more?

What are the names of the planets in our solar system? Which birds can you see in your garden? What does an onion skin look like under a microscope? And much more...

Luke, Luna and Flora can’t wait to answer these and many other questions about the earth and the universe. Curious to find out more?

Fun puzzles

Can’t get enough of gazing at the stars and making new discoveries in tiny specimens and faraway landscapes?

We have the perfect set of goodies for you and your friends: discover our cool colouring pictures, tricky puzzles, fun games, action-packed hidden pictures and much more.

Our products provide a fun and entertaining way for you to learn about the world of astronomy, microscopy and the great outdoors.

Get to know our products

Do you dream of exploring the night sky with a telescope? Want to view the tiniest of objects with a microscope? Or would you like to get up close to animals in the forest with a pair of binoculars?

We will explain step by step how to use our products. After all, observation is an acquired skill!

Of course, we have also collected a wide range of other interesting facts on telescopes, microscopes and binoculars.


What shall we explore today?
Lukas und Tom To the world of microscopes
Can I show you my favourite products?
Luna To the world of telescopes
Let’s explore the world!
Flora To the outdoor world

Mikroskopie Microscopy world
Astronomie Astronomy world
Outdoor Outdoor world
To PDF collection
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