Vixen SXD2WL AX103S Telescope Set

Complete Vixen SXD2WL AX103S Telescope Set with Wifi-GoTo Mount, tripod, and eyepieces, as well as a professional apochromatic 103mm Triplet ED telescope "Made in Japan"

  • AX103S ED Apochromat with Triplet ED lens and flattener
  • Photographically optimised system for full-frame photography
  • New, improved lens cell for pinpoint star images
  • Extremely high contrast, colour fidelity, and outstanding sharpness
  • SXD2WL equatorial GoTo mount with Wifi module
  • Photographic carrying capacity of up to 15 kg at only 9.2 kg weight
  • Comfortable GoTo slewing by tapping on the display
  • Database with up to 259,000 celestial objects depending on map setting
  • Object database with Messier objects, NGC objects, IC objects, sun, moon, planets, comets
  • Large worm gears with 180 teeth each and 72mm worms
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Product number: X025043
EAN: 4955295250431
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