Photo backgrounds

Paper, fabric or the practical folding background - which photo background do I need?

Many customers ask themselves this question when looking for a suitable photo background. As different as the photo backgrounds are, as versatile are the possibilities. In addition, there are adaptations to individual needs or premises to consider when making a choice.

All backgrounds offer both the possibility of fixed installation in the studio and mobile use through the corresponding accessories from our range.

Paper backgrounds

In photo studios you often find photo backgrounds made of paper with a stable cardboard core. Mostly, there are even 2-3 paper backgrounds suspended in a system for mounting on the ceiling or wall. This results in a flexible roll-up and roll-down function of the paper background.
The paper achieves a very even background and often also facilitates the cropping of a motif, e.g. for product photography. But you can also achieve beautiful results in portrait photography due to the low-reflection of the surface, the variety of colours and the high colour intensity. Larger motifs, such as groups of people, can also be staged well thanks to the different widths from 135 to 276 cm.

You can find our paper backgrounds here.

Our paper backgrounds in use by photographer Michel Rubinel:

Michel Rubinel is a French photographer based in Paris, France, who is specialized in portrait, fashion and documentary photography.
He appreciates the stunning texture as well as the colours of our BRESSER paper backgrounds.

Click here to visit Michel Rubinel's website:

Many thanks to Michel Rubinel for the great photos!

Foldable backgrounds

Foldable backgrounds can also be a good alternative for on the go, but also in a small photo studio. The folding backgrounds can be conveniently folded and are quickly stowed away in the bag provided. Here, too, we offer all sizes and many colours for a variety of uses. With white it becomes a brightener, with green it becomes a green screen or with the blue colour it becomes a blue screen for video use. A folding background can be used as a compact diffuser, reflector or even through batik effects, as a portable photo and video background for outdoor use, as well as in a small photo studio.

You can find our foldable backgrounds here.

Cloth backgrounds

For more flexibility in the mobile area and for additional creativity, cloth backgrounds are excellent and can be used in many ways. On the one hand as a background, which can be pulled up on mobile background systems with telescopic rod due to the drawstring, on the other hand as a decorative cloth, due to the light cotton fabric.

The background cloth can be washed at 40° in the washing machine and can be easily ironed if there are annoying creases. A more even touch can be achieved with special fabric tensioners.
The wide range of hand-dyed or painted background fabrics allows for special and individual effects. The cloths are available in different sizes.

You can find our fabric backgrounds here.

Photo Motif Backgrounds

Easily give a photo or video a unique, colourful and artistic effect with our printed backgrounds. Photo Motif Backgrounds are printed cloths that come on a cardboard core, so they can be used over and over again. The photo motifs offer you a unique background that conjures up great results for your pictures.

From a selection of 34 photo motifs, you can find the right one for your next picture: Photo Motif BackgroundsPhoto Motif Backgrounds

Vinyl backgrounds

Vinyl backgrounds are ideal for long-term use. Their robust nature makes them particularly popular for photographers who work with animals or children. Stains or dirt can be easily removed from vinyl backgrounds. The background can be stored in a space-saving way, wound onto a roll, and no cracks or wrinkles occur due to the material.

You can find our vinyl backgrounds here.

Flatlay backgrounds

Flatlay backgrounds are perfect for layering images. They are often used for example for food or product photography. Surely you know them, the pictures taken directly from above of seemingly random things lying around on a table. If you also want to take such photos, why not try our Flat Lays? The PVC hard foam sheets do not reflect and the motifs are razor-sharp. With them, you can easily give your photos that certain something.
We have 25 different motifs to choose from in two formats (40x40 cm and 60x60 cm).

You can find our Flatlay backgrounds here.

Background systems

Now you have found the right background, but how do you fix it so that it is optimally positioned for the photo? We offer various solutions for this: Portable background systems or background systems for wall or ceiling mounting.

If you have your own large photo studio, you should get a background system for wall or ceiling mounting. Here, a few rolls of background paper can be hung and rolled up and down as needed. The background holders are simply mounted on the wall or ceiling and the roll holders are inserted into the openings of the background rolls. The desired length can be unrolled with the chains.
Those who find rolling up and unrolling too strenuous can use an electric background system where the new background appears at the touch of a button.

Portable background systems are designed for mobile and flexible use or to save space. Here, a crossbar is mounted on two lamp tripods to which the backgrounds are attached. The whole thing can be stowed away in a practical bag.

You can find our background systems here.

BRESSER MB-2 Suspension system for 4 backgrounds

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BRESSER MR-300 electric background system for 1 background roll

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BRESSER BR-D27 background system 260x300cm

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