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The boating and sailing season is running

With marine binoculars, distant objects are very close

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Firmware Update 4.0 for Forward F455

WHAT HAS CHANGED? The sound is ON for Forward F455 and FN455 digital Night Vision Front Attachments from Pulsar. Now high quality videos will also record sound so you can capture your full experience whilst using the device.

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Father and son: weekend tips for young (and young at heart) fathers

In times of Corona just do something completely different and enjoy life and the day together with your family

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Off to the shooting star hunt: So even beginners can take great photos

Shooting star season is on. Already in April, the Lyrides provided a foretaste of the shooting star nights of the summer half year. Currently - and still active until 28 May - the meteor shower of the Eta aquarids can be seen.

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White nights in the merry month of May: Five visible planets, glowing night clouds and shooting stars above shooting stars

Our Sky Guide for May 2020 is here - the highlights in the night sky are already revealed here.

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