Firmware update for Forward F455

WHAT HAS CHANGED? The sound is ON for Forward F455 and FN455 digital Night Vision Front Attachments from Pulsar. Now high quality videos will also record sound so you can capture your full experience whilst using the device.

Improved video recording and control. Video recording can now be Paused allowing the user to choose the most needed moments and leave out the unimportant ones.


Install free mobile application Stream Vision (available on Apple App Store and Google Play) to your smartphone. Connect your smartphone to Forward F455/FN455 via Wi-Fi and update Firmware of the unit.

More details on how to update firmware of your Pulsar unit here: Link

Note for iOS/IPhone/IPad users:
Sound playback on iOS devices is only possible whilst using a third-party video app. We recommend using VLC for Mobile. You can download it to your mobile device via Apple App Store.

Link: Further Informmation by PULSAR