Gifts for children from 50 € upwards

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Astro Planetarium - Multimedia
102,90 € 97,90 € * Shipping Weight 1.216 kg
BRESSER JUNIOR Astro Planetarium
84,90 € 74,90 € * Shipping Weight 1.1 kg
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 76/350 Compact Telescope
109,90 € 98,90 € * Shipping Weight 2.508 kg

Discover and delight: gifts for young explorers

While chocolate vanishes in an instant and isn't the healthiest choice, and clothes require just the right fit, another toy car might just find its way to the back of the toy chest. So, why not introduce children to a new hobby that unveils the marvels of the world to them? A beginner's telescope, a microscope for children, or their very first pair of binoculars – with the increasing emphasis on STEM subjects, you can't go wrong with high-quality optical devices. Ignite their natural curiosity and, once they embark on their own explorations, you'll be rewarded with sparkling children's eyes. Young enthusiasts who've already dabbled in astronomy, microscopy, or observing nature will certainly appreciate enhancing their equipment. Peruse our gift ideas for kids, women, and men to discover the ideal gifts for your loved ones!

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