BRESSER JUNIOR Refracting Telescope 70/400 with Backpack

Everything to hand to help you jump into astro observations – with the children’s telescope with accessories in the backpack, you can explore the night sky wherever you go.

  • Refractor telescope for children aged 8 and above, to help you get started with astro observations
  • With backpack for the telescope and extensive accessories
  • Objective lens diameter: 70 mm, Focal length: 400 mm, Magnification: 20-100x
  • With star diagonal mirror and 1.5x reverse lens also suitable for daytime observations
  • Package contents: Children’s telescope, backpack, 5x24 finder scope, star diagonal mirror, 3 eyepieces (H20/H12/H6), 1.5x reverse lens, tripod, smartphone holder, manual
  • With smartphone holder to help you get started with astrophotography
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Product number: 8850610000000
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