BRESSER Classic 70/350 Refractor Telescope Set

A Richfield telescope with a short focal length of 350mm; suitable for travelling and observing nature and large open star clusters and the Milky Way with an upright and correct image display.

  • Compact and lightweight refractor telescope
  • Easy to set up, easy to use and highly transportable
  • Sky observing, landscape and wildlife viewing
  • Powerful achromatic refractor telescope
  • Stable 160 cm aluminium field-tripod, with quick lock adapter on optical tube
  • Erecting-prism for upright and correct view
  • Smartphone-holder - take your first own picture of the Moon
  • Optical tube made from aluminium, weight 1.0 kg
  • 3 eyepieces: 20 mm, 12.5 mm and 4 mm
  • Carry bag for field-tripod included
Delivery period: 1-3 working days.

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Product number: 4670350
EAN: 4007922039763
Shipping Weight: 3.8 kg
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