BRESSER Taurus 90/900 MPM Refractor Telescope with smartphone adapter & solar filter

Off to the stars - the entry-level telescope with lots of accessories, versatile MPM mount with fine adjustment in both axes, solar filter & smartphone adapter

  • Complete set of telescope, tripod, mount and accessories
  • Easy-to-use refracting telescope for beginners
  • Versatile MPM mount, azimuthal & equatorial
  • Fine adjustment with flexible shafts in 2 axes
  • Telescope aperture: 90 mm / focal length: 900 mm
  • For Sun, Moon, planets and many deep sky objects
  • Astrophotos possible with smartphone
  • Plenty of accessories to get started straight away
  • With secure lens solar filter
Delivery period: 1-3 working days.

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Product number: 4512909
EAN: 4007922010328
Shipping Weight: 6.6 kg
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