EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 2" H-Alpha Nebula Filter 12nm

The EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC H-Alpha filter allows photography of red glowing emission nebulae; ideal for use near cities, in slightly light-polluted skies.

  • High-quality EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC H-Alpha filter
  • Only lets the emission lines of hydrogen pass
  • Absorbs all other emission lines and almost all artificial light
  • Ideal for use near the city, with slightly lightened skies
  • Band pass width: 12 nm
  • Better contrast and more details achievable for urban astrophotographers
  • Blocks almost all light from mercury and sodium vapor lamps
  • Many of the red glowing emission nebulae are only visible in full expansion on photos taken with this filter
  • In spite of the existing light pollution amazingly good image results are possible
  • Individual test certificate included to guarantee you receive a premium filter
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