Celestial Spectacle on October 28: Partial Lunar Eclipse

The skies are about to offer a treat! On 28 October 2023, the Sun, Moon, and Earth will align perfectly, presenting those in Central Europe with a mesmerizing partial lunar eclipse. On this evening, our natural satellite will be particularly close, just 365,000 km away. And while Earth will cast its shadow on only about 6% of the Moon, with clear skies, it's set to be a remarkable sight.

When can you catch this partial lunar eclipse?

We're in luck because for this natural phenomenon, we don't have to stay up late or get up early. The sequence will be as follows:
  • Approx. 8:00 pm (MESZ): Moon begins to enter Earth's penumbral shadow
  • Approx. 9:35 pm (MESZ): Moon starts to enter Earth's umbral shadow
  • Approx. 10:14 pm (MESZ): Peak of the partial lunar eclipse
  • Approx. 10:53 pm (MESZ): Moon exits the umbral shadow
  • On 29 October at approx. 00:28 am (MESZ): Moon completely exits the penumbral shadow
This eclipse can be fully observed from Central Europe. However, initially, the shading caused by the Earth's penumbral shadow might be subtle. It will only become more pronounced as the Moon delves deeper, about two-thirds into the shadow. As the Moon enters Earth's umbral shadow, the full Moon will noticeably appear as if a bite had been taken out from its bottom edge.

How to Best Experience the Lunar Eclipse

Observing partial lunar eclipses, with only a portion of the Moon being obscured, is especially rewarding with binoculars or a telescope. Through these, you can capture far more striking images of this celestial phenomenon than with the naked eye. When using a telescope to observe the Moon, a lunar filter is recommended both for eye protection and better contrast. A partial eclipse also provides an excellent opportunity for astrophotography. Whether you're capturing detailed images with a long focal length or a broader field of view with a short focal length, photos of such events are always captivating. And for beginners, the Moon serves as a rewarding first subject.

We wish you an enjoyable experience and clear skies!
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