BRESSER BR-2105 Daylight and Background Set 2925W

Space Saving Daylight complete Set with background system and background fabrica

  • Daylight Set 2925W with Background System (280 x 300cm)
  • Three 3 x 4m background cloth in black, white, chromakey green
  • Soft and even illumination through the softboxes
  • Dimensions: 1170 x 340 x 380 cm/ Weight: 22,5 Kg
  • Includes: 1x Background system, 3x cloths, 3x tripods, 3x softboxes, 3x lamps, 1x transport
Delivery period: 1-3 working days.

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Product number: F001903
EAN: 4007922031866
Shipping Weight: 25.3 kg
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