BRESSER Pluto 114/500 EQ3 Reflector Telescope with Smartphone Adapter & Solar Filter

For your easy start in astronomy the very fast entry-level telescope with lots of accessories is easily transportable and ideal for wide-field observations

  • Complete set of telescope, tripod, mount and comprehensive accessories
  • Easy-to-use reflector telescope for beginners
  • Telescope aperture: 114 mm / focal length: 500 mm
  • Ideal for wide field observations and ''walks'' in the Milky Way
  • Easy to transport
  • Astrophotos with smartphone possible
  • Plenty of accessories to get started immediately
  • With secure aperture solar filter
  • The BRESSER Pluto telescope is the perfect combination of a large Newtonian mirror with a short focal length
  • Divided into optical tube and mount, this telescopes fits also into smaller cars. The ideal traveller's scope with high imaging quality
RRP 299,00 €
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