BRESSER Slider Binocular Mount without Tripod

Revolutionary design for unprecedented comfort in binocular viewing - at day and night; enables steady images and fatigue-free viewing

  • Slider binocular mount without tripod
  • Enables comfortable and fatigue-free binocular observation
  • Suitable for landscape and sky observation
  • Shake-free and steady images at day and night
  • Almost infinitely rotatable and swivelling cardanic mount head
  • Supports binoculars and telescopes up to 3.5 kg weight
  • Various observer positions are possible: standing, sitting and lying down
  • Also a practical alternative to a photo tripod for wheelchair users
  • Adjustable viewing height from approximately 30 cm to 170 cm
  • Precise small series production - manufactured in the EU (Hungary)
RRP 799,00 €
Delivery period: 1-3 working days.

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Product number: 4964180
EAN: 4007922073941
Shipping Weight: 17.1 kg
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