BRESSER Dovetail rail 200mm for Messier (Vixen/GP)

  • dovetail rail (GP) for 6, 8 and 10 inch MESSIER Dobson telescopes
  • when using these telescope tubes on EQ mounts
  • the assembly is carried out on the original tube rings
  • also suitable as spare part for MESSIER telescopes with 200mm prism rail
  • assembly material and tools included
  • length: 200mm; width: 45 mm; height: 16 mm
  • bore spacing: 160 mm; Bore diameter: 6.5 mm
  • dovetail rail (GP), mounting screws and hex wrench tool included
Delivery period: 1-2 working days.

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Product number: 4940140
EAN: 4007922060873
Shipping Weight: 0.3 kg