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Hurray - school begins: Original ideas for starting school

The first school day is just around the corner - an important and exciting event for every child.

After all, it is now one of the "greats", learning to take responsibility and to get along with like-minded people. And even if school enrolment in Corona times is a little different than usual, because events will usually only take place in a slimmed-down form and the new first graders will also have to follow different rules than in previous years, most of them are still looking forward to their first day at school enormously.

And of course, the start of the school should be celebrated properly. After all, a completely new phase of life is beginning. It goes without saying that parents, grandparents and friends would like to give the first-grader something for this occasion that is not only useful in everyday school life, but also brings joy and fun. We have collected some original ideas that will certainly go down well with the ABC shooters:

Experiment and microscopy

For children who are interested in science, experiment sets or children's microscopes are a great gift and perfectly combine play and learning fun. After all, they already start in the first class with lessons in general knowledge. A quick introduction to the world of microscopy is offered, for example, by our Junior microscope 40x-640x, which comes in four bright colors. The included accessories, including permanent preparations, microscope slides and sample material, provide the perfect basic equipment so that the child can start right away and discover the world of the microcosm.

In the beauty experiment kit, the little cosmetic scientist will find exciting experiments on the subject of beauty and interesting facts about cosmetics, hygiene and the 5 senses. Little sky researchers, on the other hand, discover the fantastic world of our solar system with a three-dimensional Solar System Mobile. By the way, the children can build the mobile themselves and also learn a lot of interesting facts about our planetary and solar system.

Discover the world

Practical for all school beginners who cannot (yet) read well is our Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe™ Myth. Through interactive animations, children learn about wildlife, sights and weather in different parts of the world in a fun way. But a built-in loudspeaker not only provides them with numerous facts about our planet. They can also listen to interesting stories about the 12 signs of the zodiac or 10 popular fairy tales.

Reaching for the stars

The classic for all kids who are enthusiastic about stars and want to learn more about space is of course their own telescope. How about one of our child-friendly lens telescopes, for example, which we have available in three different colours. These special entry-level devices with 100x magnification are perfect for gaining your first experiences in the world of astronomy.

Speaking of space: With us, the desire for a professional home planetarium does not have to remain a dream! With the Astro-Planetarium deluxe, the starry sky can be projected directly onto the ceiling - even to the exact day and time! Furthermore, thanks to an integrated motor, it is also possible to let shooting stars pass by.

Romp outside and explore nature

A great toy and at the same time a practical mobile phone replacement is the Walkie Talkie 2er Set from National Geographic. The Walkie Talkies are the perfect companion for every adventure: for example, to radio your playmate from one hiding place to another or to tell him about an exciting discovery. Thanks to their long range of up to 6 kilometres, the walkie talkies are also suitable for parents to stay in contact with their child when he or she is outdoors alone.

We have a great companion for nature walks, by the way, so that you can see rabbits, birds, squirrels or whatever else comes your way: Our blue-green 4x30 children's binoculars with quadruple magnification and true center drive focus. With the help of this focusing system, animals can be observed perfectly.


You will find many more gift ideas for inquisitive children in our Junior range.
We wish all first graders a great start to school!