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Easter is just around the corner: Are you ready for spring?

Now it's time to get out into nature - Our ideas for little explorers


The upcoming Easter holidays are a wonderful opportunity to welcome spring with the whole family. Let's get out and discover nature, should be the motto these days - especially since the big holiday fun has to wait for Corona.

Now the flora and fauna are awakening from their winter dormancy. And indeed, many great discoveries await young and old on a spring walk. Don't forget your magnifying glass and binoculars! If you like, take a jar with you - we'll explain what it's all about below.

Creepy-crawly animals: And who are you?

When the insects awaken in spring, children find the funniest creepy-crawlies by the wayside, on the forest floor or in the garden, hidden under leaves and stones. The perfect companion for such adventures is a beaker magnifier. With its help, the little creatures can be observed very closely: Simply pick them up carefully, unscrew the lid of the magnifying glass, place the animal in the magnifying glass, close the lid and observe. The magnifying glass integrated in the lid magnifies 5 times so that details such as eyes, hairs, the number of legs and antennae can be easily seen. The integrated centimetre scale is also suitable for measurements.

Underwater world comes to life

On the shore of a lake or at the edge of a pond, the young researchers can take a look under water: Simply press the glass onto the water surface with the open side facing up. This blocks the reflection of the water and gives a clear picture of what life is cavorting under the surface of the water. Then simply scoop a little water into the glass and screw it down tightly. At home, the kids can examine the pond water under the microscope. We are sure that your children will be surprised to see what is going on in a single drop: it is teeming with life. Slipper animals, amoebae, eyeballs, ciliates and many more tiny creatures flit through the picture.

By the way, the perfect introduction to the world of microscopy is our BRESSER Junior Microscope 40x-640x , which is suitable for children and comes with plenty of accessories (permanent specimens and preparation tools for making your own specimens).

Who is flying, hopping or scampering through the picture? Observing and identifying animals

The walks through nature become even more interesting when rabbits, birds, squirrels or anything else that flies or runs across the way can be shown and observed much larger with the help of binoculars suitable for children. As long as the trees are not yet in full leaf again, the first returning migratory birds and the birds that have wintered here can also be easily observed and identified. The BRESSER Junior children's binoculars , for example, magnify animals 6 times. The integrated focus adjustment ensures a perfect observation experience.

So dear parents, now it's your turn: all the items mentioned here are available in our online shop for (sometimes considerably) less than 35 euros. A real alternative to the umpteenth chocolate bunny in your Easter basket, isn't it?

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