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Comet NEOWISE now visible all night

Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE was already visible in the morning sky during the last days.

Now it is visible in mid-latitudes all night long. From about 23:00 o'clock it can be seen in the north-north-west one hand's breadth above the horizon. It is already visible with the naked eye, in the binoculars or telescope the long comet tail shows up in all its glory. In the course of the night it moves deep on the northern horizon towards the northeast before it is swallowed by the dawn around 04:00 o'clock. The comet can also easily be captured in the picture. Already photos with only a few seconds exposure time show it clearly, so that NEOWISE is also a worthwhile goal for beginners in astrophotography.


We wish you clear skies and good luck with your observation!