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Aquatic world up close: BRESSER at the Vivarium at Autotron Rosmalen/Netherlands

On November 24th and 25th, 2018 you can dive into the microcosm of your terrarium, aquarium or paludarium with our microscopy experts.

The Vivarium is THE event for everyone who loves aquariums, paludariums and terrariums - hobbyists and professionals alike. For the first time ever, we from BRESSER will show microscopes at Vivarium. At the joint booth with our partner JBL we will be open your eyes and take a close look at the dazzling, exotic and diverse world of fish and corals, poisonous frogs and turtles as well as insects, spiders and snakes.

We show our range of microscopes and together with JBL you get to know everything about microscopic diagnosis of fish and reptile diseases, the determination of parasites, how you can improve water care in aquariums and ponds or how you can findthe cause of diseases or pests with the help of a microscope. Only when a clear diagnosis has been made can you take further action, such as choosing the right medication.

For example, we will present our BRESSER Researcher Trino Mikroskop The Researcher is not only very popular with hobbyists, but is also widely used by professionals and veterinarians. But we also have our top of the range BRESSER Science Infinity microscope, which leaves nothing to be desired of a brightfield microscope:
BRESSER Science Infinity Mikroskop We present both microscopes with our digital MicroCams. With the professional cameras with USB connection or direct HDMI video output you can easily view the microscope image in high quality on a screen, take pictures and videos or take measurements. Let us show you the numerous functions of the camera systems at the Show.

By the way: The organizers are really making an effort and have organized many activities for young and old in addition to the presentation of the exhibitors. Presentations and workshops by internationally renowned experts, for example, keep everyone up to date with the latest technology. Exhibitions and showcases will provide information and ideas on how animals can be kept. And in various competitions, visitors will have the opportunity to actively participate in aquascaping and photography. Meanwhile, your children can enjoy scavenger hunts and have themselves painted. The Vivarium should therefore become an inspiring and educational event, where young and old will get their money's worth. We are happy to be a part of it.

The Facts:

The Vivarium will take place on 24 and 25 November 2018 at the Autotron Rosmalen in the Netherlands. The fair is open on both days between 10:00 and 17:00.

 According to the organisers, Vivarium tickets can only be purchased on site. For visitors from Germany, the fair can be reached from the Ruhr area in about 90 minutes by car.

And this is how you get there:

Graafsebaan 133
5248 NL Rosmalen
By car use the A59, exit 50.