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For weathermen, passionate amateur photographers and researchers big and small

Original gift ideas for special people with extraordinary hobbies

The time has come again: Christmas is just around the corner - and with it the anxious question for some: What should I give as a present? Well... There are practical, original and unfortunately also unimaginative gifts. So it's not so easy to find the perfect gift.

The most important thing to consider: It's not you, but the recipient - the colleague, the big brother, Grandma Lotti or godchild Jonas - who counts. What would she or he be happy about? Looking and listening helps: people always give signals, whether consciously or unconsciously, of a need or annoyance that can often be satisfied or eliminated with a small gift. And hobbies or the way people spend their free time are always a valuable source of ideas about what the person receiving the gift could be happy about.

Let's get specific: we have put together a few original, appropriate and personal ideas for people with unusual hobbies.

And please don't forget: To ensure that the gift is under the Christmas tree on time for Christmas Eve, please order by Sunday, 13 December 2020. The order deadline is earlier than usual this year due to capacity bottlenecks of the delivery services (national as well as international).

How about, for example ...

… For big and small explorers who want to know what holds the world together at its core:

Whether for stamp or coin collectors, breeders of aquarium fish or hobby geologists and mineralogists: Our Researcher ICD LED is a real all-round talent among our microscopes. The very solidly manufactured reflected-light microscope with two objectives for a three-dimensional image also offers the possibility of transmitted-light microscopy. The binocular microscope attachment can be rotated 360 degrees, and thus to any observation position. The eyepieces can be individually adjusted to the interpupillary distance and, with dioptric compensation, to the visual acuity of the user.

On the other hand, our child-friendly Junior Microscope with 40x-640x magnification is just the thing for young explorers entering the world of the microcosm, thanks to a wealth of accessories. Thanks to the zoom function, which has a magnification of 40-640x, all kinds of microscopy are also open to the little researchers. And so that the youngest can get started right away, we have included a few permanent specimens as well as preparation and microscopy tools for their own specimens. Using the QR code on the permanent specimens, the youngsters can then learn and find out even more about the specimen. In addition, the smartphone can be attached to the microscope with the adapter and photos and videos of the object of observation can be saved and shared.... For passionate hobby photographers with an additional light source:

Our BRESSER BR-2116 Daylight and Background Set 1250W is the perfect addition for product photography and video shooting. Thanks to two powerful 125W spiral light bulbs with a colour temperature of 5500K, passionate hobby photographers have daylight whenever they need it for their photos or (product) videos - whether in the studio or outdoors. Thanks to the comfortable carrying bag, the entire set can be easily taken along. Speaking of sets: this comprehensive daylight set consists of two transmitted light umbrellas, two lamps with powder-coated aluminium stands as well as three background systems in the colours green, black and white.

For illumination in inaccessible places, our flexible CB-68 LED light mat is ideal.

And when we say flexible, we mean flexible: the 52 x 26 centimetre light mat can be bent and rolled up, attached via Velcro fasteners on the back, hung using the eyelets at the corners, if necessary also using the included wire rope, or attached to a lamp tripod using the adapter, which is also already included, and used like an ordinary LED area light.

The adjustment options of the lighting in brightness also ensure full adaptability to individual needs for perfect illumination. And if you need diffuse light, simply attach the included diffuser attachment.

... For artists and creative minds with a 3D printer

Simply print out the jewellery, works of art, prototypes and many other 3D figures you have created yourself using the fused filament fabrication process? This is possible, for example, with our BRESSER REX 3D printer. Our printer is perfectly suited for PC, tablet or smartphone: The models are simply transferred to the printer via W-LAN, via the cloud function or via USB connection.

You can print your own designs or download thousands of designs from the internet directly to the printer thanks to the included software. By the way, our 3D printer in a simple, very compact design is equipped with observation windows on three sides, through which the 3D printing on the flexible printing platform can be observed.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner with a 3D printer, it is best to order a filament set to create the ideal basis for getting started. With the help of the different colours and the PLA 3D material, versatile 3D artworks can be produced. We have filament sets available in 1 kilo and 500 gram versions, each with the basic colours blue, green, black, red, white and neutral.

... For weathermen, gardeners, explorers or nature boys who want to know what the weather will be like.

If you like to be outside a lot, you usually want to know what the weather will be like: Either to pack rainproof clothing or to postpone the walk until the next day when the weather is nicer.

Our weather stations not only show the current weather, but also the weather forecast for the coming days. In addition to the outdoor and indoor temperature, our weather stations are equipped with additional functions that display, for example, the probability of precipitation, relative humidity, wind speed, severe weather warnings as well as date and time.

Our 3-in-1 professional wind meter, for example, is a professional anemometer for the home garden. Via the base station, the current wind speed, average values as well as maximum values per hour, day, month or year can be read. A wind speed alarm can also be set. The 3-in-1 outdoor sensor also determines the outdoor temperature and humidity. In addition, the base station has sensors for measuring room temperature and humidity.

A real small weather station is our 5-in-1 Weather Centre, which shows a very reliable weather trend forecast for the next 12 hours on a clearly structured display. The 5-in-1 outdoor sensor transmits measured values for wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature and precipitation to the base station. In addition to these values, a variety of history data can also be read on the display. The latter enables the internal storage and evaluation of the measurement data over a period of 24 hours. From the collected measurement data, the weather station calculates a very reliable local weather trend forecast for the next 12 hours. Additional guddi: An alarm can be individually programmed for maximum and minimum values, which triggers either an acoustic or visual signal when the specified value is reached.

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