Heavenly spectacle of nature: partial solar eclipse over Germany

When our natural satellite comes between our star and our planet, it is always an impressive spectacle. Even if it is only a partial solar eclipse, in which only part of the sun is covered by the moon. On 25 October 2022, it will finally be that time again: such an eclipse can be admired in the sky over Germany.

When does it start?

The rare natural event takes place at midday approximately between 11:10 and 13:20. The peak, when the moon comes closest to the centre of the sun, is reached shortly after 12:00. However, exactly when the first and last contact of the Moon and Sun will occur depends on your observation location.

Well protected only with SoFi glasses and telescope filter

If you don't want to miss this special event, don't look up at the sky unprepared. Without eye protection, you may burn your retina or even go blind. That's why you should get yourself a pair of solar eclipse glasses in good time, so that you can view the rare astronomical phenomenon with absolute safety.

Of course, telescope owners will also find the right accessories for safe observations. Simply choose the right solar filter, which you can then easily attach to the aperture of your telescope. This way you can marvel at the natural spectacle with the magnification of your telescope. And afterwards you can look forward to the next solar eclipse on 12 August 2026.

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