Weather stations, weather centres & accessories from BRESSER

Knowing what the weather will be like? No longer a problem with weather stations from Bresser!

BRESSER Weather Station and Plant Watering Indicator
A perfect combination of weather station and a watering detector for your plants
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This radio weather station shows you the weather trend for the next few hours on the clearly arranged display in addition to current values.
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Temperature, weather trend, time and date on a clear display - you are guaranteed to warm up quickly with this radio weather station.
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BRESSER MeteoTrend Colour Radio controlled Weather Station
This radio controlled weather station with high-quality color film display shows you the current time, temperatur and humidity such as the local weather trend.
29,99 €
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Smart assistant for flower beds, lawns and plants - supply your Smart Garden system with precise measurements on humidity and temperature.
34,95 € *
This thermo-hygrometer displays the temperature and air humidity for four different locations at the same time.
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This weather station shows you a whole range of meteorological data on the clearly structured display with intuitively understandable symbols.
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