Weather stations, weather centres & accessories from BRESSER

Knowing what the weather will be like? No longer a problem with weather stations from Bresser!

Intelligent solution for clever fresh air fans: With the thermometer/hygrometer including outdoor sensor, you can now control your indoor climate very smartly.
99,00 € *
Breathe easily with the fine dust meter with radio sensor, hi-alarm function and hygrothermometer/thermometer.
139,00 € *
3 Sensor Weather Station
74,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.75 kg
This thermo-hygrometer displays the temperature and air humidity for four different locations at the same time.
45,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.361 kg
Thermometer/hygrometer set of 2 for monitoring the indoor climate
52,49 € * Shipping Weight 0.5 kg
BRESSER Smart Garden smart home watering system
Clever gardening tool – featuring a weather station, water timer and soil sensor, this smart system ensures that your plants receive the optimal amount of water.
159,00 € 89,00 € *
BRESSER Clima Trend WF weather station, white, set of 2
Weather data in 2 rooms: Keep track of the time and weather with a weather forecast function, temperature and frost alarm, and more.
98,00 € 39,98 € *
Garden care made easy – with the weather station with 2-way irrigation timer and soil sensor, plant irrigation is entirely automatic.
159,00 € *
Never leaves you out in the rain: the BRESSER colour wireless weather station Neomeo.
74,95 € *
Colour Display Weather Station
69,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.65 kg