NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Metal detector with metal type detection and depth indicator
Exciting outdoor hobby: With this high-quality metal detector, you will quickly become an experienced detectorist and enjoy thrilling finds.
109,90 € 79,90 € * Shipping Weight 1.895 kg
14,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.059 kg
The big and cheerful plush toys by FREEK VONK x BRESSER are so cute and incredibly cuddly.
29,90 € *
The big and cheerful plush toys by FREEK VONK x BRESSER are so cute and incredibly cuddly.
29,90 € *
Join Mouse and Elephant on their exploratory missions – stay playfully connected with these kid-friendly walkie-talkies up to a 500-meter range!
19,90 € *
Get ready to explore the world with the FREEK VONK x BRESSER Outdoor Set, this set is full of adventurous tools to explore the world of animals and plants!
59,90 € *
Copy that, Roger! Featuring a hands-free function and a built-in torch, these walkie-talkies allow you to stay in contact during outdoor adventures at distances of up to 6 km.
44,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.253 kg
Powerful and sturdy children’s binoculars for young explorers: the large lens aperture produces a bright image at 3x magnification!
17,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.182 kg
With 100 pieces, this FREEK VONK x BRESSER jigsaw puzzle is the perfect challenge!
13,90 € *
With 200 pieces, this jigsaw puzzle by FREEK VONK x BRESSER is the perfect challenge!
13,90 € *

Astronomy, Microscopy, Binoculars & Experimental-Sets


This is the principle for our Bresser Junior products. We developed telescopes, microscopes, binoculars and experimental-sets especially for children. Whether as a birthday gift or Christmas present - with Bresser Junior you will surely find a Gift-for-Life.

Besides... Our products will stimulate the curiosity and creativity of the kids, resulting in a considerably higher fun- and adventure factor!

We offer a fascinating range of children telescopes by National Geographic Kids and Bresser Junior. You are looking for a Christmas present? Take a look at our Junior Astronomy Offer



Our Biolux Microscope Sets are designed for inquisitive children. They offer a great range of additional accessories. These microscopes can be used for school and studies as well. Take a look at our Children Microscopes



You want to go off on a discovery journey with your children? No problem with our Outdoor Sets! Everything you need is included: Binoculars, Headlamp, Drinking Bottle and Compass - everything well stowed in a handy bag. Go to our Outdoor Sets

Our Children Experimental Sets will promote the cognitive performance of children. Children get curious to know: How does Magnetism work? Or a Radio? Go to the Experimental Sets

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