Stacje pogodowe, centra pogodowe i akcesoria od BRESSER

Wiesz, jaka będzie pogoda? Dzięki stacjom pogodowym firmy Bresser to już nie problem!

Radio controlled weather station with projector and multicolor display
74,90 € * Ciężar transportowy 0.632 kg
Bezprzewodowa stacja pogodowa BRESSER Meteo THBM Color
Color weather station with date, time, indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity / moon phase display, alarm function
od 49,00 €
Zestaw 2 termomerów/higrometrów do kontrolowania klimatu w pomieszczeniach
52,49 € * Ciężar transportowy 0.5 kg
Featuring two independent connections, this smart water timer allows you to control the flow of water in two separate areas of your garden via a mobile app.
79,00 € *
Ideal as extension or replacement: this base station for your MeteoChamp weather centre gives you easy access to all your weather data.
279,00 € *
Als eigenständiges Messgerät oder Erweiterung Ihrer Wetterstation - mit diesem präzisen Sensor behalten Sie Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit im Blick
24,95 € *
Weather forecast, temperature, time and date – featuring large digits and a built-in frost alarm, this weather station will keep you up-to-date with the local weather conditions.
29,90 € *
Smart assistant for flower beds, lawns and plants - supply your Smart Garden system with precise measurements on humidity and temperature.
34,95 € *
BRESSER Weather Station and Plant Watering Indicator
A perfect combination of weather station and a watering detector for your plants
29,00 € 24,89 € * Ciężar transportowy 0.06 kg
Die perfekte Erweiterung für Ihre 4-Tage 4CAST WetterCenter bringt einen eigenen Innensensor fürs Raumklima mit.
115,00 € *
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