Bresser Astronomy


Telescopes & Astronomy

Gazing at the stars – with our telescopes, planetariums, eyepieces, and many additional accessories, Bresser enables a fascinating insight into the universe. Beginners, visual enthusiasts, advances amateurs or specialists & researchers, our varied range of astronomical products offers great opportunities.

Our Telescopes & Astronomy range

Bresser Sports Optics

Sport Optics

Sport & Outdoor

With our Sports Optics we offer the full range of these products. Our Binoculars, Night Vision Devices, Spotting Scopes & Riflescopes are suitable for every imaginable application. They support you at work, at leisure or in sports.

Our Sports Optics range

Bresser Microscopy



Are you a scientist or eager to learn? Our microscopes and magnifiers help laboratories, schools, physicians, hobbyists, and discoverers to explore and understand new things.

Our Microscopy range

Bresser Studio-Equipment



Arrange your own Photostudio or upgrade your Photostudio with Studio Equipment by Bresser!

Our Studio-Equipment

Bresser Weather Stations



„Should I take an umbrella?“ – Bresser relieves you of all these questions and worries. With accurate sensors and reliable weather data our Weather Stations provide an accurate forecast. And if the weather looks bad, at least our trendy designed weather stations look stylish.

Our Weather Station range

Bresser Junior



We developed telescopes, microscopes, binoculars and experimental-sets especially for children. Whether as a birthday gift or Christmas present - with Bresser Junior you will surely find a Gift-for-Life.

Our Weather Station range

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