This entry-level telescope with NASA design, good imaging properties and a range of accessories allows you to glimpse the moon, planets and star clusters quickly
119,90 € *
Los cielos estrellados están a tu alcance: ¡diseña este planetario casero tú mismo al estilo de la NASA y explora 8,000 estrellas y 61 constelaciones en tu pared o techo!
99,90 € *
Head off into space with 24 pictures from the space projector; decorate your projector with great stickers in NASA design, exactly how you like
29,90 € *
Head for the sun, moon, planets, etc. with this high-quality entry-level telescope in NASA design, including smartphone adapter and a range of accessories
132,90 € *
Featuring a NASA design, smartphone adapter and extensive accessories, this entry-level telescope has everything you need to make your own fascinating astronomical discoveries.
119,90 € *
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