The BRESSER Premium Guarantee!

In the past we have granted up to 30 years for our premium line of binoculars. Now, with the new BRESSER Premium Guarantee, we are providing an even more extensive service, which amongst many benefits includes the following:

- unlimited guarantee period with your online product registration at!

- free repair or replacement of the damaged device

- preferred service access via Premium E-Mail Service (enclosed with your product)!

The claim under the guarantee does not exist

- if there is damage that does not affect the usability of the device,

- in case of theft or other loss of the device. 

Ihr BRESSER Service-Team

The warranty terms can be found under


Verify if your product is eligible for an Extended Warranty. You will find the information on the packaging or you can seek your product on our website – please search for “Ext. warranty after online registration”.

Fill the form: Fill out this form and state the item number.
Please note: you will receive a registration number at the end of the process. Also, you will receive a conformation e-mail for your records.

Ready! Your product is now registered for the Extended Warranty!

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Extended Warranty

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Bresser gives you a worldwide manufacturer's warranty on your premium product.The warranty period is unlimited and starts on the day of purchase.Please keep your proof of purchase as proof of purchase. During the warranty period, defective equipment will be accepted by your dealer and replaced if necessary You will then receive a new or repaired device free of charge.The decision as to whether a warranty repair or a warranty replacement will be made will be made by us. "

The claim from the guarantee does not exist if defects in the object of purchase are due to:

• improper use;

• A negligent or intentional damage by the buyer or third parties;

• repairs or alterations made by third parties without our assignment;

• Changes or damage due to force majeure such as severe weather, hail, fire, power failure, lightning, flooding, snow, frost or other effects of animals etc.

Furthermore, the warranty claim does not exist if an illegible or incomplete proof of purchase is submitted.

To qualify for the Premium Guarantee, you must register your product no later than 3 months after purchase. Make the registration under The confirmation ID must be displayed in case of warranty claims.

Irrespective of this warranty, you are entitled to the statutory warranty rights in the event of defective delivery, which are not restricted by this guarantee.

In case of a return of goods please note the following:

Please make sure that the device is shipped carefully packed. If possible, use the original packaging. Fill in the following returns message and enclose it with the copy of your proof of purchase.

The guarantor is Bresser GmbH, Gutenbergstraße 2, DE-46414 Rhede.