Gifts for women up to 50€

Banner Geschenkideen für Frauen
BRESSER LED Table Clamp Magnifier 2x 175mm
99,00 € 44,90 € * Shipping Weight 3.95 kg
BRESSER Hunter 10x25 Pocket Binoculars
25,90 € 19,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.28 kg
BRESSER MyTime Bath radio controlled Clock white
15,99 € 10,99 € * Shipping Weight 0.48 kg

Distinctive gifts for women

Jewellery, perfume, and chocolate – while these classics might delight many, they aren't for every woman. Consider venturing off the beaten path. Does she cherish nature? Then let her marvel at our planet’s beautiful wonders with a high-quality pair of binoculars. Whether on a forest stroll or a lengthy trek, she can immerse herself in elusive wildlife and stunning vistas. And for those who view their garden as both sanctuary and pride, a weather station could be a game-changer, keeping her informed on every breeze and drizzle. But let's not forget the indoors: our modern wall clocks and trendy alarm clocks are more than just functional – they're eye-catchers and conversation starters. Yet, that's merely the beginning: Dive into our selection of gifts for women and find your inspiration!

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