BRESSER 8-day 4CAST XL 7-in-1 Wi-Fi Weather Station with solar-powered sensor

With a huge 48.3 cm display, comprehensive 8-day weather forecast and eco-friendly solar-powered multi-sensor, this weather station is packed with features.

  • Solar-powered weather station with weather forecast for 8 days (via Wi-Fi)
  • Measures temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, UV level, light intensity
  • Read/share local data/forecasts; with sunburn time
  • Base station: 418 x 309 x 33 mm; 2031g / Sensor: 217 x 365 x 200 mm; 534g
  • Includes: Base station, solar-powered sensor, power adapter
  • Sensor is powered entirely via a movable solar panel
  • Internet time synchronisation
  • Atmospheric pressure display, perceived outdoor temperature
  • Supports up to 7 additional sensors (optional)
  • Weather index for dewpoint, windchill factor and heat index
Delivery period: 1-3 working days.

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Product number: 7003230
EAN: 4007922071992
Shipping Weight: 4.4 kg
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