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Knowing what the weather will be like? No longer a problem with weather stations from Bresser!

Three times as good for your indoor climate The thermometer/hygrometer set incl. comfort indicator allows you to keep track of the temperature and humidity in three rooms at the same time.
35,00 €
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Indoor thermometer with integrated hygrometer and comfort level indicator
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Mit den 3 platzsparenden Themo-Hygrometern inklusive Komfortindikator merken Sie schnell, wie es um Ihr Raumklima bestellt ist.
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Twice as good for your indoor climate: the two thermometers/hygrometers incl. comfort indicator allow you to keep track of the temperature and humidity in two rooms at the same time.
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Trockener Raumluft und Schimmel ganz leicht vorbeugen durch Temperatur- und Luftfeuchtigkeitsmesser mit praktischem Komfortindikator
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Get a happy face when your room climate is perfect, or a frown when something should be changed.
19,99 €
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Thermometer/hygrometer clock for monitoring the indoor climate
22,95 €
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Breathe easily with the fine dust meter with radio sensor, hi-alarm function and hygrothermometer/thermometer.
139,00 € *
Monitoring and control of domestic air quality through measurement of CO2 load, air humidity and temperature as well as output of ventilation recommendations; all measured values are displayed clearly on the extra-large XXL display
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