BRESSER WIFI ClearView Weather Station with 7-in-1 Sensor

WLAN 7-in-1 Weather Station

  • RC Weather Station with 7-in-1 Multisensor and WIFI function
  • Wind speed and direction, humidity, temperature
  • Precipitation with historical data, UV and light intensity
  • Base station: 240x140x21 mm
  • Incl.:base station, multisensor, temp & humidity, AC adapter
  • Compact 7-in-1 outdoor sensor
  • Comprehensive measurement and historical data display
  • WIFI connection, wake up alarm, frost and ice warning
  • Time and date settings, LED backlight
  • Upload to external weather platforms like Weather Underground and Weather Cloud
Delivery period: 1-2 working days.

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Product number: 7002586
EAN: 4007922065656
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