Weather stations, weather centres & accessories from BRESSER

Knowing what the weather will be like? No longer a problem with weather stations from Bresser!

Weather forecast, temperature, time and date – featuring large digits and a built-in frost alarm, this weather station will keep you up-to-date with the local weather conditions.
29,99 € *
Improving indoor climate and preventing mould made easy - with this temperature and humidity meter with ventilation recommendation
29,99 € * Shipping Weight 0.4 kg
Remote sensor with an extra long radio range of 150m!
34,95 € * Shipping Weight 0.097 kg
19,99 € * Shipping Weight 0.134 kg
This radio weather station shows you the weather trend for the next few hours on the clearly arranged display in addition to current values.
34,95 € * Shipping Weight 0.337 kg
Intelligent solution for clever fresh air fans: With the thermometer/hygrometer including outdoor sensor, you can now control your indoor climate very smartly.
99,00 € *
Monitor the indoor climate in 4 rooms: Keep an eye on the temperature and humidity with these chic and compact thermo-hygrometers!
39,99 € *
79,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.76 kg
89,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.75 kg
Featuring extra-large digits, a frost alarm and an outdoor sensor, this weather station displays the latest weather trends, temperature, time, date and more.
29,99 € *
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