Weather stations, weather centres & accessories from BRESSER

Know what the weather will be like? No longer a problem with weather stations from Bresser!

Wireless weather station with clear colour display and comfort display - always be able to view the indoor climate
24,37 €
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Large and high contrast LCD wireless wall clock with weather trend display and frost warning, ideal for office or other large spaces.
119,00 €
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209,90 € *
Colour display weather station with multisensor
159,00 € * Shipping Weight 1.7 kg
74,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.76 kg
74,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.75 kg
69,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.65 kg
Radio controlled weather station with projector and multicolor display
74,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.632 kg
29,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.275 kg
This thermo-hygrometer displays the temperature and air humidity for four different locations at the same time.
45,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.361 kg
This weather station shows you a whole range of meteorological data on the clearly structured display with intuitively understandable symbols.
45,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.417 kg
Ideal as extension or replacement: this base station for your MeteoChamp weather centre gives you easy access to all your weather data.
279,00 € *
A real eye-catcher from any viewing angle: additional base station for monitoring the weather, time and indoor climate in an additional room.
159,00 € *
Easy-to-read weather data – featuring an extra-large 48.3 cm colour display, this additional base station allows you to view your weather data in an additional room.
489,00 € *
Practical extension: With this additional base station, you can view your weather data, check the time and monitor the indoor climate in a neighbouring apartment or room.
175,00 € * Shipping Weight 1.009 kg
Keep on top of the weather, time and indoor climate in another room or apartment with this additional base station.
139,00 € *
Two in one: the additional base station for your weather centre gives you updates on the current weather status in an additional room, including room climate data.
159,00 € *
Risk a colourful view of the weather data from your 5-in-1 external sensor at a different location with this additional weather station.
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Base station for 5-in-1 weather centre 868 MHz
109,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.579 kg
Base station for 5-in-1 weather centre 868 MHz
109,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.581 kg
Weather overview, alarm clock, room climate control - bring the functions of your base station to an additional room or household
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Comfort weather centre base station
89,00 € *
Replacement or additional sensor – the base station shows all the measurements from your weather centre and features a built-in thermo-hygro sensor.
259,00 € *
Weather data, built-in alarm, indoor climate - access the functions of your weather station in another room or household!
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Weather, alarm, indoor climate - use the indoor temperature, humidity and other functions of your base station in an additional room or household!
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Weather, alarm and much more - use the functions of your base station in an additional room, including indoor temperature and humidity measurements, a histogram and max./min. value memory!
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The additional base station for your 3-in-1 professional wind gauge allows you to track the measured values from your external sensor at a different location. The integrated sensor also measures the temperature/humidity at the location of the base station
49,00 € *
Replacement part or expansion: this additional base station including indoor sensor and alarm function works perfectly with your BRESSER professional rain gauge.
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Weather trend and alarm clock in the morning, room climate in an additional room - expand your Beaufort 5-in-1 Weather Center with the additional base station!
79,00 € *
Weather, indoor climate, time - Meteorological data with time, date and alarm, now in an additional room!
79,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.455 kg
With the additional base station for your WTW 5-in-1 weather centre, you can keep an eye on the indoor temperature, humidity and air pressure values from your external sensor from a different location.
79,00 € *
Can be combined with many different weather centres, additional base station - always be able to view your weather data
79,00 € *
79,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.455 kg
Restore local weather data to your existing base station with this replacement sensor.
99,00 € * More information
Soak up the sun and obtain continuous measurements – restore full functionality to your eco-friendly weather station with this replacement solar-powered sensor.
155,00 € *
The replacement sensor squares the weather circle with seven measurements for wind and weather.
129,00 € *
The perfect replacement sensor for your WiFi colour weather centre: This 5-in-1 external sensor can be ‘on the air’ with your current, local weather data in no time at all.
79,00 € * Shipping Weight 1.3 kg
Replacement sensor: Restore full functionality to your BRESSER Professional Wi-Fi weather centre with this 7-in-1 wireless sensor.
179,00 € *
Don't lose track of the weather - restore the full range of functions to your professional weather centre with this replacement outdoor sensor.
79,00 € * Shipping Weight 1.28 kg More information
Replacement sensor - restore temperature, wind speed and precipitation readings to your weather station.
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Perfect for semi-detached houses and weather fans – view precise measurements, weather forecasts and more in two different rooms.
229,00 € *
Schlauer Gartenhelfer – mit dem smarten System inklusive Wetterstation, Wasserzeitschaltuhr und Bodensensor optimieren Sie ganz leicht die Pflanzen-Bewässerung.
159,00 € *
Breathe easily with the fine dust meter with radio sensor, hi-alarm function and hygrothermometer/thermometer.
139,00 € *
59,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.345 kg
BRESSER Weather Station and Plant Watering Indicator
A perfect combination of weather station and a watering detector for your plants
29,00 € 24,89 € * Shipping Weight 0.06 kg
With this waterer you will never forget to water your flowers again
19,99 € * Shipping Weight 0.06 kg