Easy-to-use Daylight Set with three photo studio lights and practical head or top light for professional product photos and videos
195,00 € * Shipping Weight 11.96 kg
Battery-powered LED light stick with 10 different light effects and RGB colours with versatile applications not only in photography
75,00 € *
Powerful LED continous light in pocket format with adjustable colour temperature
59,00 € *
LED daylight studio lamp with s_bayonet connection for various light shapers and easily controllable via remote control with 99 channels
119,00 € *
Expandable LED daylight with S-Bayonet connection for various light shapers
299,00 € *
Compact daylight with variable light quantity adjustment
169,00 € * Shipping Weight 8.9 kg
daylight set with softboxes and light stands for product photography and videography
169,00 € * Shipping Weight 7.7 kg
Compact Bi-Colour LED light suitable for mounting on cameras with rechargeable battery
99,00 € * Shipping Weight 1.2 kg
Uncomplicated daylight starter set for product and portrait photography and every videoblogger
79,00 € *
Mini LED Tube with many effects in a handy and lightweight format - ideal for vloggers, bloggers, selfies, portraits and also social media videos
49,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.274 kg
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