Bresser Kalender

What a wonderful look into the year 2022 with our new microscope calendar!

Buy a microscope or microscope camera worth €250 in the Bresser Shop and receive one of these great calendars as a gift!

True to our motto "Expand your horizon", we are always on the lookout for exciting discoveries. And of course we would like to share these with you. So at the end of the year, our Microscopy department has come up with something special to give you a little pleasure: the BRESSER Microscopy 2022 calendar in DINA4 format
Each month shows you a spectacular photo from the fascinating microcosm to excite and inspire you throughout the year.

Note: The calendars will be sent to you separately a few days later.

If you would like to have the calendar one size larger in DIN A3 format, you can buy it here: