BRESSER Science ADL 601 P 40-600x Microscope

Professional trinocular reflected/transmitted light microscope for research and education

  • trinocular incident/transmitted light microscope
  • 20 W halogen 230 volt mains operation
  • Köhler illumination with field diaphragm
  • 1.25 abbe-condenser with iris diaphragm
  • adjustable eye relief
  • height adjustable object plate
  • polarizer/analyzer attachment
  • planachromatic lenses with a high work distance
  • separate incident light unit with filter disk
  • scope of supply: microscope, eyepiece (pair DIN WF 10x), lenses (PL5x, PLL10x, PLL40x, PLL60x), Abbe-condenser (1,25 with iris diaphragm)
Delivery period: 1-2 working days.

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Product number: 5770200
EAN: 4007922150284
Shipping Weight: 9.5 kg