BRESSER MikroCamII 3.1MP USB 3.0

Highspeed USB 3.0 microscope camera with 3.1 MP resolution

  • NEW! Now with Sony® IMX123 CMOS Sensor
  • High quality USB 3.0 Microscope camera with 3.1 Megapixel resolution and high frame rate. Maximum resolution: 2048x1534 Pixel
  • Framerate: up to 25 fps @ 2048x1536 Pixel / Up to 30 fps @1920x1080 Pixel
  • Fast connection with USB 3.0 / (USB 2.0 compatible with reduced framerate)
  • Three adapters for : 23,2/30/30,5mm eyepiece holders
  • Included: MikroCam 3.1MP; USB 3.0 cable; Adapter for 23,2mm eyepiece holder; Adapter for 30,5mm eyepiece holder;Adapter for 30mm eyepiece holder;Software with photo and video function and measurement functions (optional calibration preparation needed)
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