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Large range for beginners, advanced users and scientific users

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Bresser Microscopy: Buy Microscopes & Accessories

Bresser offers suitable microscopes for various fields of application. Take a look at our large range for beginners, advanced and scientific users conveniently here online. Use the filter function to find the right microscope. The areas of application for our microscopes are diverse: from biology lessons to gemmology to metallurgy - beginners, experts and professional users from science and research will all find the right microscope here.

Would you like to order from us as school, university or public institution? Would you like to order from us as a school, university or public institution? Please direct your enquiry to info(at)bresser.de, stating the invoice address (delivery address if applicable). Delivery is made on account. This also applies to a value of goods of more than 1000.00 Euro.

Professional study microscopes of the Science series allow structures to be seen that remain hidden in the normal brightfield microscope image. These Bresser microscopes are used in research institutions and by professional users.

For students and ambitious pupils, the Researcher microscopes are suitable - these can be extended with a camera so that images/videos can be analysed directly on the PC sc

For children, we offer our Bresser Junior Series microscope sets, which contain everything needed for budding natural scientists: practical instructions for experimenting, permanent slides and, of course, plenty of accessories - all packaged in a child-friendly way. With our children's microscopes you have the perfect Christmas present! Click here for the guide: The right microscope for children

With our digital microscopes, observations can be made comfortably with several people on the integrated LCD or on the PC connected via USB and photographed or filmed. The LCD microscope, for example, is a hot tip from pet owners for determining parasites and has already proved itself positively in a test by c't.

With the Bresser Micro Sets, consisting of a Bresser microscope and a lot of accessories, nothing stands in the way of an immediate start in microscopy. The Bresser microscope sets are suitable for students and hobby biologists.