BRESSER JUNIOR Microscope 40x-640x incl. accessory pack

Entry-level microscope with ready-to-use specimens and additional info via QR code

  • Wide range of accessories for introduction to the world of microscopy
  • Magnification: 40-640x eyepiece: 10-16x lens: 4x/10x/40x
  • Smartphone adapter, save images and share with friends
  • Dimensions: 14x10x27 cm, weight: 420 g
  • Included: Smartphone holder, 20 specimens, 7 empty slides, 5 vials with samples, experiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast), sea salt, 1 empty vial, box for slides, magnifier, dissecting cutlery, petri dish, 8 coverslips and 8 stickers, butterfly wing specimen, 12 small stones, eyecups, MicroCut, measuring cylinder, 2x AA batteries
Delivery period: 1-2 working days.

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