Entry level telescope for moon and earth observation
49,00 € * Shipping Weight 2.5 kg
Unpack and get started: With this 33-piece children’s microscope set, you can marvel at tiny objects from your surroundings at up to 600x magnification.
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UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD compact telescope
The perfect introduction to hobby astronomy - featuring a wide range of accessories, this compact Dobsonian telescope is ideal for beginners.
154,90 € 129,98 € *
Off into the microcosm! Discover the world of microscopy with this children’s microscope set – includes permanent specimens, a microscopy kit, smartphone holder and much more!
44,90 €
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Discover the world of microscopy with this children’s microscope set – includes permanent specimens, a microscopy kit, smartphone holder and much more!
109,90 €
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19,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.967 kg
Copy that, Roger! Featuring a hands-free function and a built-in torch, these walkie-talkies allow you to stay in contact during outdoor adventures at distances of up to 6 km.
44,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.253 kg
The Telescope + Microscope Set offers everything you need to explore and experience the world of astronomy and microscopy.
99,90 € * Shipping Weight 2.858 kg
Telescope + microscope in one SET! Discover the World of Astronomy and the World of Microscopy
74,90 € * Shipping Weight 1.458 kg
Stereo Microscope, 20x magnification, incident LED light
79,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.926 kg
Mit dem schicken Teleskop-Weltraum-Projektor zauberst du 24 tolle Astro-Bilder ins Zimmer und schläfst dann unter den Nordlichtern ein
26,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.387 kg More information
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Space Rocket Slide Projector & Night Light
Moon, sun, planets - take off into the vastness of space with the projector rocket and its 24 comic astro-pictures - discover new worlds!
29,90 € 19,99 € * Shipping Weight 0.355 kg
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Solar System Projector with 4 interchangeable screens, motorised image rotation and automatic switch-off. The joyful anticipation of bedtime has never been greater!
49,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.75 kg
Ideal for navigating and observing your surroundings – durable compass and compact zoom monocular with 8 to 25x zoom and macro function.
49,99 € *
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Reflected Light Microscope 20x magnification
Incident light microscope with 20x magnification
79,90 € 39,90 € * Shipping Weight 1.736 kg
24,99 € *
Rechargeable camping lantern suitable for a wide range of applications
19,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.37 kg
Powerful companion: The powerful mobile power station features a stylish, compact design, connections for all standard cables and a bright LED light.
179,90 € * More information

Astronomy, Microscopy, Binoculars & Experimental-Sets


This is the principle for our Bresser Junior products. We developed telescopes, microscopes, binoculars and experimental-sets especially for children. Whether as a birthday gift or Christmas present - with Bresser Junior you will surely find a Gift-for-Life.

Besides... Our products will stimulate the curiosity and creativity of the kids, resulting in a considerably higher fun- and adventure factor!

We offer a fascinating range of children telescopes by National Geographic Kids and Bresser Junior. You are looking for a Christmas present? Take a look at our Junior Astronomy Offer



Our Biolux Microscope Sets are designed for inquisitive children. They offer a great range of additional accessories. These microscopes can be used for school and studies as well. Take a look at our Children Microscopes



You want to go off on a discovery journey with your children? No problem with our Outdoor Sets! Everything you need is included: Binoculars, Headlamp, Drinking Bottle and Compass - everything well stowed in a handy bag. Go to our Outdoor Sets

Our Children Experimental Sets will promote the cognitive performance of children. Children get curious to know: How does Magnetism work? Or a Radio? Go to the Experimental Sets