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Provides a clear picture whatever the situation – the Actioncam

The first bungee jump, the perfect downhill run or diving into the depths of the ocean – sports and outdoor adventures are as varied as those who experience them. And with the popularity of Facebook, Instagram and social networking, we’re eager to share our unforgettable moments with others. A compact and powerful solution – the Actioncam. Robust and lightweight cameras with image stabiliser are the perfect and subtle accompaniment, capturing whatever comes before their wide-angle lens. Read all about these mini specialists for breathtaking photographs and exciting videos here.

An Actioncam – what’s it for?

In the age of the smartphone, we have powerful cameras with us all the time – in our trouser pockets, jacket pockets or bags. You never know when the perfect shot will present itself. So why an Actioncam? It’s simple: Actioncams are designed for special applications that would likely test the limits of any smartphone. Talking of limits, small outdoor cameras are extremely robust due to a complete absence of moving parts such as zoom lenses. An Actioncam can accompany you on your motorcycle, quad bike, mountain bike, etc. and will deliver shake-free recordings thanks to high frame rates and powerful image stabilisers. Actioncams are also great under water: waterproof housings mean that you can take your camera on your surfboard or for a dive and it will stay perfectly safe.

Action Cams

Purchase criteria: Which Actioncam should I take with me on my adventures?

Anyone interested in one of these mini cameras will soon discover that the range of cameras on offer is at least as large as the number of situations in which you can use them. So what should I consider when buying an Actioncam?

Image quality

The image quality is the key criterion when choosing an Actioncam. Resolution and frame rate will determine whether you will bring an astonished smile to the faces of your friends, family and followers with your self-made videos. Most Actioncams offer at least full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), while ultra HD and 4K (at least 3840 x 2160 pixels) are increasingly popular. If you intend to play your recordings back on a 4K-capable screen, it’s definitely worth buying a 4K Actioncam. Those who want to cut out and enlarge sequences will be pleased with the excellent image quality offered by ultra HD. The refresh rate, on the other hand, affects the smoothness of a video when it’s played. This is expressed as frames per second (fps). The golden rule is – the higher the frame rate, the better the video quality. Important: If you plan to play videos in slow motion, the frame rate must be as high as possible. If you plan to take photographs with your Actioncam, you need to consider the resolution and the best possible image sensor. On the other hand, a wide angle allows you to capture more of a scene and allow viewers to become fully immersed in the moment.


Snow and cold, strong winds, water – Actioncams have to contend with a lot on their outdoor adventures. It’s a good idea to consider the environments you plan to capture your breathtaking images in before you buy. Regularly hit the slopes? Then your mini camera should be insensitive to cold. Perhaps you prefer a dive while on holiday? Then look closely at how far the Actioncam can go and remain waterproof.

Battery life

An exciting adventure takes time. If your Actioncam is going to capture every moment along the way, it needs a powerful battery – 1.5 hours of battery life is the absolute minimum. A replaceable battery is well worth considering if you plan to shoot continuously. 


Experience, upload – if you just can’t wait and want to share the photographs and videos of your experience on the go, you need an Actioncam with WiFi. USB and HDMI connections are also available for data transfer.

Weight and dimensions

Actioncams excel by being small and lightweight. Since they weigh no more than a bar of chocolate, they can be easily attached to a helmet, your chest or bag so that you can enjoy your adventures unhindered.


The sound makes the music – or the video. To really engage your viewers, you need to be able to record sound as well, which is why good Actioncams have an integrated microphone. In addition, some models allow you to record sound with a headset via Bluetooth.


The conditions in which Actioncams are used place particular demands on their operation. A touchscreen is ideal if you want to view your recordings afterwards. But what use is a touchscreen if the camera is attached to your helmet and you’re wearing thick gloves? That’s why large buttons – including on external housings – are important to allow you to start and stop playback without difficulty. Additional controls such as voice control and remote control can also come in handy.

Storage capacity

Most Actioncams store videos and photographs on a microSD card. However, look closely at the storage format, as not every card can be used in every camera. Two types are commonplace – the microSDHC (HC = High Capacity) with up to 32 GB storage capacity and the microSDXC (XC = Extended Capacity) with up to 2 TB storage capacity. 4K movie makers should consider the microSDXC for its higher storage volume.

Action Cams

Always the right perspective – Actioncam accessories

In most cases, your Actioncam will takes its spectacular shots while firmly attached to your helmet – the ‘first-person perspective’. When we watch our recordings back, we then have the feeling of reliving our adventures. A helmet mount is often supplied with the cameras. If you like to be more flexible, you can opt for a set with additional attachments for use on belts, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. The world from above – for a bird’s-eye perspective, grab your old selfie stick. Want to go even higher? Then attach your Actioncam to a drone and send it on a flight through beautiful landscapes for breathtaking aerial shots and birds-eye views. For an underwater experience, an additional housing can ensure that you can dive to even greater depths. Completely new perspectives are available with the 360° Actioncam. With this model, two wide-angle lenses together cover the full 360° in the horizontal and 360° in the vertical – no blind spot, no missing details!

Actioncam videos with effect – the different modes

When it comes to your most exciting experiences, the last thing you want to induce is boredom. With this in mind, many Actioncams offer a time-lapse function so that longer scenes can be shown in more summarised form to maintain suspense. If, by contrast, the detail is what you’re looking for, slow-motion recording will capture every highlight of your spectacular ride, jump or dive. When it comes to photographs, you can enjoy useful functions such as continuous shooting and a self-timer for the perfect snapshot.

Capture unforgettable moments and preserve them forever – at bresser.de, you are sure to find the perfect Actioncam for your next outdoor adventure.

Action Cams