BRESSER Biolux Advance 20x-400x Microscope

BRESSER Biolux Advance 20x-400x Microscope
4.50 /5.00
  • High quality microscope with transmitted and reflected light and integrated digital camera (Resolution: 640x480, USB conntector) for taking images and videos with a Windows PC
  • Magnification: 20x-400x / Revolver with 3 high quality objectives (4x/10x/40x)
  • Dimmable illumination for reflected and transmitted light source (battery powered)
  • 6-color filter wheel with pinhole aperture
  • Scope of delivery: Biolux Advance, Preparations (shrimp eggs, yeast, sea salt), Gum media, Microscope accessory kit, hatchery, microtome (for thin preparation cuts), Box with preparations, blank objective slides and cover glasses, USB cable, Software
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Product number: 5203000
EAN: 4007922003498
Weight: 4.9 kg