Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Air
Der SmartGlobe™ Air bringt den Kindern, mit über 500 lebendigen 3D AR Animationen von Tieren, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Dinosaurier uvm., den Spaß am Lernen.
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BRESSER PC Weather Station with 5-in-1 outdoor sensor
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Using the the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC metal detector children can explore the world and their surroundings in a playful way
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Radio outdoor sensor for BRESSER radio weather stations
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BRESSER MyTime DCF Thermo-/ Hygro- Wall Clock 25cm
This weather wall clock for indoor use has a noiseless clockwork with sweeping second hand, so there are no annoying tick-tock sounds.
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BRESSER Clima Trend WF weather station, white, set of 2
Weather data in 2 rooms: Keep track of the time and weather with a weather forecast function, temperature and frost alarm, and more.
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Dieser 2 in 1 Augmented Reality Globus zeigt den Kindern die Erde bei Tag mit Ozeanen, Ländern, Hauptstädten uvm. oder die Planeten und bis zu 88 Sternbilder bei Nacht.
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